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Welcome to The Cooperstown Diner!

The Cooperstown Diner is nestled right on Main Street in upstate NY's most famous baseball town.

We are a family owned, small-town diner offering big-time hearty, home-cooked meals.

How small are we? We are so small, we only have 1/2 an address!

In our tiny diner, we will always find room to fit you in, no matter what the season!

You are sure to meet regulars who don't even need to order. The staff knows, "the usual".

Listen up and you may learn something about the town not mentioned in the guidebooks.

Breakfast reigns all day til closing, and our JUMBO 1/2 lb. burgers taste perfectly good any time of day!

Our famous diner has had many famous diners...such as celebrities Ron Howard, Gregory Hines, and past and modern day baseball Hall-of-Famers!

Try our nightly dinner specials!
Open 6am to 8pm everyday. (Summers until 9pm).